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Your stay at 4* Chalet Hotel la Chemenaz is the perfect location from which to discover the Alps. You can explore many things to do around Les Contamines -Montjoie, many activities and tourist attractions, all synonymous of intense and magical moments, as a couple, a family or as a group of friends. Let yourself be charmed by the majesty of the surrounding sites.

Saint-Gervais, Thermal spa

Only 20 minutes from the Chalet Hotel la Chemenaz, Saint Gervais’ Thermal Spa is all about well-being and relaxation. Well-known for its thermal water, the latter is soothing and is good for your skin. At the Thermal baths you will find different areas, one dedicated to the spa, another to the beauty treatments and one for the medical treatments. A sensory path will allow you to benefit from all the thermal qualities for an optimal well-being experience.

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Aiguille du Midi

Of world renown, the mythical Aiguille du Midi peak is at 3777 meters of altitude. It is accessible by gondola from Chamonix, approximately 40 minutes away from la Chalet Hotel la Chemenaz. On site, an incredible 360° panoramic view of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. An elevator enables you to access a terrace located at an altitude of 3842 meters. Do not miss the opportunity to experience a unique and extraordinary activity with the “step in the void” (walk in a glass box with 1000 meters of void under your feet).

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Tramway du Mont-Blanc

A rack and pinion railway linking Saint Gervais with the Bionnassay Glacier, the Mont-Blanc tramway enables you to discover sumptuous landscapes. As the highest altitude railway in France, it climbs the mountains over 12.4 kilometers. You will be impressed by the breathtaking views along your train journey. Thanks to this tramway you can access the starting point of many hikes like Mont-Blanc, highest peak in Europe at 4809 meters of altitude.

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Chalet Hôtel La Chemenaz in Les Contamines-Montjoie
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